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Full Tab Features and Content Overview



User Interaction


Home- Customize you Home Tab with your brand logo and cover Image and add buttons for one touch calling, directions and more.

External Links- A simple way to integrate existing web pages and online services that can be accessed within a tab from you app

App Structure-

Create hierarchical tiers within your app for greater organization of tabs. This is useful for apps with lots of information, to group tabs into sub-tabs.


Easily create rich content pages within your app. Copy and paste web content, add text, upload images, embed YouTube videos, or use the advanced HTML editor.

Directions- Customize you Home Tab with your brand logo and cover Image and add buttons for one touch calling, directions and more.

External Links- A simple way to integrate existing web pages and online services that can be accessed within a tab from you app



User Interaction


Food Ordering- Allow customers to view your full menu, add items to a basket, earn loyalty and place orders. Accept in-app payment for orders via PayPal, and/or Cash on Delivery.

Product Shopping- Provide full m-commerce shopping for your app users. Add unlimited products, categorized by department and brand, with full images, pricing and descriptions.

Amazon- Maximize your Amazon sales, allowing customers to buy directly from your store within the app. Connect your account for a simple and fast way to browse your store.

Etsy- Connect your Etsy store and sell your products directly from your mobile app. Stay connected with your most loyal customers and grow your business.

Magento- Give your customers access to shop directly from your Magento store by connecting your store inside your app.

Shopify- Grow your business and connect your Shopify-powered store in your app. Give your customers a fast and easy way to buy with just a few taps.

Woo Commerce- Add your WooCommerce store to your app and provide a seamless shopping experience for your customers.

Loyalty Points- Allow customers to earn points by scanning a QR code or checking into a location. Points can be redeemed against custom offers.

Loyalty Card- Create stamp cards which can be stamped by a member of staff using a code. Offer exclusive deals and incentivize repeat business.

Coupons- Create time-sensitive offers, money off discounts, and custom deals that can be redeemed using a unique code by a member of staff.



User Interaction


Content Favorites- Allow Your Users To Save Their Favorite Content Pages From Your App To A Favorites Page For Easy Access.

Message Center- Communicate With Your App Customers, Sending Private Instant Messages, With Attachments Such As PDF Documents And Images.

Forms- Create custom forms to capture information from app users such as forms for appointment requests, member registration, feedback, and more.

GEO Listings- Feature content such as properties, vehicles, or businesses, in a defined category structure. GEO tagged listings allow app users to Find nearby matches.

Booking System- Create bookable free or paid events in your app that can be viewed in a list or calendar style. Events can be one-off or recurring, with limited spaces and more.

Appointedd- Schedule bookings from your Appointedd account directly from your app.

Calendly- Connect your Calendly account to offer a simple way for customers and clients to schedule appointments.

Open Table- Makes booking a table even easier. Connect your Open Table account to let customers book with just a few taps from their phone.

Facebook Events- Display your Facebook events in one easy to access tab within your app so your customers never miss out on upcoming events.

Google Calendar Appointments- Create bookable appointments and connect your shareable calendar for a simple way to allow customers to book a time with you from your app.

Quizzes- Great for revision guides and fun. Create your own timed, multiple-choice questionnaire and allow users to view the history of quizzes taken.

Booking Website- If you use an online service to take bookings for your business, connect it with your app to streamline your mobile experience.



User Interaction


Gallery- Add Image galleries to your app. Create as many galleries as you need, each gallery will have its own tab, name, and icon within your app.

Flickr- Make your Flickr photo album simple to find by displaying your images within your app

Instagram- Share your Instagram photostream from a single tab within your app for a distraction-free way to promote your brand.

Video Directory- If you have great video content, the Video Directory allows you to upload and categorize your videos so app users can search for them easily.

Audio Streaming- Stream audio in your app, giving users control to listen whilst using your app. e.g., perfect if you have a radio stream, podcast, or another audio stream.

SoundCloud- Integrate SoundCloud’s powerful audio player into your app and stream audio directly from your app for more control.

Facebook- Connect your Facebook page and allow users to view your page posts and easily share content.

Twitter- Display your Twitter feed within your app so customers never miss a tweet and allow social sharing.

Tumblr- Add your Tumblr feed to your app for a simple way to keep your community connected to your online blog.

Pinterest- Beautifully display your Pinterest feed inside your app to increase engagement and grow your audience.

RSS Feeds- If you have a blog, you can add the RSS Feed Tab to dynamically link in your latest posts direct into your app.

PDF- Upload and display content from a PDF document within your app.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I have to pay every month/year?

 There is a myth out there that goes something like, “If I custom code an app, I can pay once, and it will work forever.” What custom development shops won’t tell you though is that even if you custom code an app, there will still be monthly costs for upkeep, server space, maintenance, content changes, and more. With Zenith Enterprise Network, however, we’ve not only built many of the features you’ll need right out of the box which reduces your upfront cost, but we also handle all of your servers, CDNs, push notification systems, user login/authentication, OS updates, design updates, the ability to change content, and more with one low monthly or yearly cost based on the features you need. It’s a pretty darn good deal if you ask us 🙂

Can I host multiple apps under one subscription?

You can definitely have multiple apps under one account, however, each app will require its own subscription to be submitted to the App Store and Google Play and to function properly. If you have multiple apps, contact our support team at to find out about multiple app discount options. If you need a multi-app management system, contact our sales team at to learn more about our enterprise solutions.


Is the security settings (with user tagging) included on my plan?

Security settings along with user tagging is an awesome feature that lets you determine who has access (and who doesn’t) to certain parts of your app. You can unlock both of these features, along with several others, by being on either the Business or Premium plan.


Are there any additional costs besides my setup fee and subscription plan?

In order to get your app live on the App Store and Google Play, you will need to sign up for the developer accounts on these platforms.  You just send us your details and we do the rest. Not only will our publishing team handle the submissions for you, but our development team also handles a ton on the front end (the cool features you do see) and the back end (all of the necessary features you don’t see) for you.

In order to get your app live on the App Store and Google Play, both Apple and Google require that you have your own Apple and Google developer accounts, respectively. To date, Google is a one time fee of $25 and Apple is a yearly fee of $99 for a standard account or $299 for an enterprise account. If you are a non-profit organization, government entity, or educational institution, you may be eligible to get a free standard account. 


What happens when I hit the limits max number of users, push notifications, sessions, etc. under my plan?

If you’re hitting your limits, that means you’re doing something right. We make it easy for you to be successful. If you do hit your max numbers, instead of halting your service, you will simply be automatically upgraded to the plan that will accommodate your needs based on your usage.

If I stop paying does my app get taken off the App Store and Google Play?

In order for app to maintain an active status with our servers and systems that power it and therefore function properly, you must maintain an active subscription. Not convinced? See the question “Why do I have to pay every month/year?” for more information on what your subscription goes toward.

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes. Our subscriptions are based on either monthly or, if you want a sweet discount, annual terms. Please note, however, if you cancel your service, your app will no longer function and will be removed from the App Store and Google Play per our terms.

How do I integrate custom plugins?

One of the advantages of Zenith Enterprise Network is the ability to create custom features (also known as plugins) and add them to your app. Just submit them to the and we will send you a quote and if you approve, add them directly to your app.  If you want to keep your feature proprietary, simply upgrade to a Business or Premium plan, Starter Package Custom Plugins may be offered to other clients.