Digital Nomad Q&A

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  1. What was the most surprising thing you learned once you became a digital nomad?

2. What advice would you give someone just starting the digital nomad life?

3. What is the hardest part of being a digital nomad?

4. What would you do differently in becoming a digital nomad if you started over?

5. What is the most important tool you would not want to be without?

6. How long do you plan to stay in each location you travel to?  Is there a minimum or maximum and why?

7. Where do you stay when you travel?  Hotels, Airbnb type, hostiles, other?

8. How do you make your funds?  Remote employee, savings, freelance, local jobs, other?

9. What motivated you to become a digital nomad?

10. How much of the year do you travel?

11. How do your family and friends feel about your choice to be a digital nomad?

12. What is your best tip for balancing work/life while traveling?

13. How is your digital nomad life different from what you expected it to be?

14. What did you pack on your first trip you would not take again?

15. Did you keep your old life stuff or sell it?  (furniture, car, other stuff)

16. What is the hardest part of being a digital nomad?

17. Do you have a residency permit or a second passport? What country?

18. What is your preferred way to travel?  Air, train, ship. Other?

19. What do you miss most from your old life?

20. Would be a digital nomad be easier if you had recurring income that didn’t take up much time?